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C2G’s business is built around closing the loop on the oil and gas waste stream. Our mission is to upcycle waste streams while shrinking the volume that goes to disposal. We do this in a number of environmentally friendly ways. View our video to learn more.


At C2G Energy Solutions, we are
Enabling "Cradle to Cradle" Circular Economy
by breaking the oil & gas waste cycle

Sustainability & Enabling "Cradle to Cradle" Circular Economy

  • Sustainability is the key driver of our beneficial reuse waste treatment model. Our mission is to close the loop on oil and gas disposal by up-cycling waste into reusable products.
  • Our solutions leverage cutting-edge technology that supports the industry’s ESG initiative through our beneficial reuse model.
  • We are a complete and comprehensive oil and gas waste treatment facility. Our goal is to break the cycle in how oil and gas waste is handled by offering innovative solutions that allow us to up-cycle waste into beneficial reuse products.
  • In addition to our beneficial reuse facility, we have applied similar methodology in how water is supplied to natural gas well-sites. C2G’s fresh water transfer team works closely with the local community and our customers to deliver a safe, sustainable & responsible supply of water for Marcellus well development.
  • Busy bolting on a wellsite service division, including welding, pipe fitting and general labor to further support our customers needs
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